Jude Wharton

My name is Jude and I'm a Mum, wife and director of a very small digital design company that my husband and I run together. Within the company I offer a copywriting service and I thought I would get my blog up and running again to showcase my writing. I started the blog in 2009 and after a few months I got too busy and failed to keep it up but I endeavour to do better this time. I'm going to write about what I know and hope that someone out there finds it useful, inspiring, interesting and possibly at times amusing, or at least a way to pass the time of day!

Training Pathway

I’ve been very quiet on here recently and that is because rather than talking about developing training I have actually been developing training! A whole training pathway in fact and the process we are going through has got me thinking. So bare with me, there’s a tip coming! What I’ve…

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