My name is Jude. I’m a trainer and facilitator as well as a mum, wife and aspiring author.

I started working in informal education in 2000, in a range of Youth Work settings. In 2006 I started writing and delivering formal training courses and became an assessor and internal verifier for NVQs and other vocational qualifications. More recently I have been running a small web and digital design company, 2nd Floor, with my husband.

I have just finished my first novel and have ideas for two more.

I started the blog in 2009 and after a few months I got too busy and failed to keep it up but I endeavour to do better this time! I will be blogging about training, the web, writing, being a mum and sometimes about my health.

You can follow me on Twitter @JudeyWudey or like my professional page on Facebook, where my ramblings are a bit shorter, but basically cover the same kind of things.

Please note all the tips I are share in my Training Tips Thursday posts are based on my own experience of what has worked for me in my training career. I am not guaranteeing that they will work for you! Here are a list of my qualifications:

Chartered Management Institute – Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership

University of Southampton — BA (Hons) Post Compulsory Education and Training

University of Southampton – FdA Youth Work

Eastleigh College – V1 NVQ Internal Verifiers Award

Eastleigh College – A1 NVQ Assessors Award

Eastleigh College – ABC Level 3 Certificate in Facilitating Learning