Over the last ten weeks I have spoken a lot about how to plan, deliver and evaluate the training you deliver to others. At times I have mentioned that I like to hear other people’s ideas for activities or ways to approach things because I am still learning too. As educators we are all aware that learning is an ongoing process that occurs both formally and informally. Many trainers have to undertake formal personally development activities relevant to their job roles to maintain their qualifications etc. but I feel it is also important to challenge ourselves in our personal development.

As a trainer I enjoy observing other people’s way of planning, delivering and evaluating training. I pick up new ideas and ways of doing this. This stops me from becoming stale in my practice which means I continue to enjoy what I do more but it also means my learners benefit as well.

Since developing online training courses have become a member of a Facebook group where lots of ideas are shared about how to approach creating courses, how to engage learners, practical hints and tips and so much more which has openend my eyes to many new ways of doing things. I have become really enthused and excited about training again.

I don’t need to do these things. I don’t have to provide evidence of these things for a personal development portifolio. I don’t have to be assessed on my new knowledge. I want to do these things so that I continue to feel inspired to deliver the best possible training I feel I can deliver to my learners.

I would like to challenge you to do something in the next week that helps develop your practice or teaches you something new and then pass this challenge on to others. Good luck!