Firstly, I am not writing a Training Tips Thursday post this week. This is because all my focus has been on developing training rather than writing about it. I am one half of Chris and Jude and we are about to release the first course from our Success with WordPress series of online courses.

Whether you are thinking of using WordPress, have been using it for a while but need a bit of guidance or have a WordPress website which just isn’t delivering what you want it to for your business, our courses are for you. If you sign up to our newsletter on our landing page before we release our first course you will receive discount codes for each of the courses in the Success with WordPress series as they are released. So, even if you only think you might be interested, it is worth signing up now!

What Makes Our Courses Different to the Others Out There?

Chris has a vast range of experience with WordPress, which spans a number of years. He has designed and developed nearly 40 WordPress themes and has sold thousands of them on theme marketplaces over the last few years. He has answered thousands of support tickets for those themes and has identified the training needs of WordPress users while doing this. Chris has also designed and developed bespoke WordPress websites for clients. As part of the process he uses to do this, he assesses his clients’ business needs and ensures their wesbites will meet those needs. Because of this experience, our courses don’t just take you through how to use WordPress. We give you the tools to enable you to create a WordPress website that really works for you and your business.

The five courses in our Success with WordPress series are:

Success with WordPress: From Setup to Getting that Perfect Theme.

Success with WordPress: How to Enhance Your WordPress Website.

Success with WordPress: Maintenance, Updates and Security.

Success with WordPress: Making your Website Super Fast.

Success with WordPress: The Master Course – including all of the above and some special extra treats!

Not only has Chris brought his knowledge and experience to these courses but I have worked with Chris to structure and develop these courses using my experience and background in education and training.

Want to Find Out More?

To find out a bit more about us and to see what some of our clients say about us you can visit our Chris and Jude landing page. This is there while we get our website set up (on WordPress, obviously!). To make sure you don’t miss out on any discounts or launch dates sign up to our newsletter on our landing page. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Maybe you will be watching us on your computers soon as we help you to have success with WordPress.