I have many roles in my life – Mummy, wife, daughter, business owner/director, author (aspiring) and many more like friend, very bad cook, controller of the TV remote… you get the idea. Now I have added another title to the list (mainly because I had to choose from a prescribed list of titles for my Facebook page) – Entrepreneur.

I suppose when I joined the business my husband started, I began to have that role but it didn’t really feel like it. I supported him in his work by doing all the admin and finance tasks that he was becoming too busy to keep on top of. As time went on I got more involved in planning projects to run alongside the client work which could bring in additional income to the business but he was still doing the bulk of the money making work. But now we are working on a joint project together.

This project combines my background in training and facilitation with his web and WordPress knowledge and experience. We are very excited and working all hours to get our new “Chris and Jude” brand out there and let everyone know what we are doing.

What are we doing?

We have developed a series of online courses called “Success with WordPress“. We have launched the first course, “Success with WordPress: From Setup to Getting That Perfect Theme” and it is now available to buy on the Chris and Jude website. We are also launching a free mini-course soon to help people who are thinking of using a web agency or freelancer to design them a bespoke WordPress website. This course is called “Success with WordPress: Going Bespoke? Make sure that’s what you get.”.

I will be tweeting about our Chris and Jude work from time to time on my personal twitter account @judeywudey but I also have my Jude Wharton – Entrepreneur Facebook page if you would like to like and follow me (which I would really appreciate) and perhaps you could share it too! My husband Chris and I also have joint Chris and Jude Twitter and Facebook pages as well. If you are particularly interested in WordPress Chris has a blog and his own Chris Wharton – Entrepreneur Facebook page where he has weekly features on WordPress.  On the blog he reviews his Plugin of The Week (POTW) and on Facebook he does a weekly WordPress Wednesday Facebook live slot at 12 noon.

You can also subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss out!

Moving into the world of online training means I will have more of a variety of training tips and ideas to share with you on my blog and my Facebook Lives which hopefully you will find useful and interesting.

It would be great if you could get behind us and keep an eye out for us announcing new courses and offers and if nothing else, thanks for reading!

On my blog next week I will be doing one of my usual Training Tips Thursday posts and I will be focusing on learning contracts. As always, let me know if you have nay other ideas of things you would like me to cover. Hope to hear from you soon!