Recently, my husband and I keep having conversations about the state of the world. This sounds very deep and, I suppose, it is. We talk about how unbalanced and unfair the world seems to be and how we feel we are too small and insignificant to do anything about it. But we aren’t. We can all do little things to make the world that little bit better.

I also started thinking about this because this appeared in my Facebook feed.


It was there because one of my friends commented on it suggesting perhaps we should also have hobbies that improved our communities or the environment, basically, let’s stop being so selfish.

Now, I’m not saying I will ever be able to stop wars or end starvation or poverty through my small actions but I could make someone’s day better or help in my local community.

I used to sit on the committee of my son’s preschool and I will volunteer do the same when my youngest starts preschool.

I have volunteered to help with school walks and trips.

I sponsor friends when they are doing charity events.

I have done sponsored events myself.

I support my friends in their business ventures by liking their Facebook pages or by using their businesses and I have been humbled this week by many of my friends doing the same for me on my Facebook page.

I attend events that my friends have organised.

I have made cakes and biscuits for charity coffee mornings.

I donate clothes and toys that we no longer need to others who do need them or to charity.

I have been a model in a charity fashion show (a number of years ago!).

I’m currently growing my hair to donate to the Little Princess Trust after seeing on Facebook that one of my friends had done the same.

Some of this requires money and I am aware that not everyone is in a position to donate money to charity but most of us have a little bit of time on our hands to support someone else each day. Even if it is just a Facebook share, a recommendation of a friends’ business or an offer to sell raffle tickets at the end of school one day.

I didn’t write this post to big myself up because I feel that I could do so much more to help and I know many people who do a lot more than me, but I wanted to write it to make people think. To give people some ideas. I also wrote it because I know if I tell people about my plans I am much more likely to hold myself accountable and see them through! Perhaps if we all did a little bit more, the world might feel like a slightly better place.

I would love it if people commented on this post with ways they have given something back or plans they have to do so.