I find myself at this stage of my writing journey again where I am sending out my work in the hope that someone likes it.

I wrote some children’s books a few years ago and wrote to many publishers. I sent them examples of my work. Some got back to me, many didn’t, nobody was interested. Then I decided writing for children wasn’t really where my passion lay.

Now I have finished one novel, I’m part way through a follow up to that novel and I have a couple of others half written, which I may return to one day. It is the finished novel that I am trying to get noticed. I sent it to a couple of agents ahead of last years Winchester Writers’ Festival and got some very good feedback. Both wanted to see more but ultimately neither took it on. So now I have reviewed it and I’m sending it out into the giant ocean of literary agents.

When I sent my work out before I set up a tracking spreadsheet and I found this very useful to know when I had been finally rejected by everyone. So, I am doing the same again. I have sent up an Agent Response Tracking Spreadsheet (ARTS), which, as an aside, I’m very happy with the acronym for. I love feeling organised and I think this is the only way I will feel in control of a situation that is very much out of my control. I think the Writers’ and Artists’ Handbook is going to be one of my closest companions during 2017 as gradually many of the names in there make their way on to ARTS.

Wish me luck everyone!