I was struggling for a blog post idea this week until one of my tweets seemed to capture the attention of a few people. I mentioned that as a writer I aim to write everyday, even if it’s just a couple of hundred words that I get written and never take more than one day off in a row. Sometimes a day off has to happen, whether it’s to take a step back from my work and gather my thoughts or just because real life sometimes has to come before the life on the pages of my work in progress.

Even today, on my son’s first birthday, I have found time to write. Not just this blog post but another few hundred words of my book. When he naps I let myself have part of his nap time to write. I also have to do the washing, tidying, sometimes cooking during that time but I think it’s ok that some of that time is for me. In the evenings I try and snatch some writing time too but I make sure I balance it with spending some time with my husband that doesn’t involve one of us looking at a laptop or a phone.

It’s important to me to set writing goals to stay on track and write consistently to stay in the flow but the balance is important too. If one day the baby doesn’t sleep and I have commitments in the evening so writing doesn’t get done that day, then that’s ok. You have to live life to be able to write about life after all. But this is just me. My life enables me to do that. I see some quotes on Twitter which seem to suggest a true writer wants to be writing all the time and writes during every moment of their spare time, therefore suggesting those who don’t somehow aren’t true writers. I think that’s ridiculous. There are often times that an idea for my work will pop into my head when I’m doing something completely different but not all the time. I certainly don’t spend all my spare time writing, for starters I like reading, exercising and shock horror, watching TV and just chatting to my husband or friends.

You’re a writer if you write.

Case in point, I wrote this blog post on Friday. Life has happened over the past few days, both the expected and unexpected so today has been the first chance I have had to give it the time it needed to re-read it, select a featured image and publish it.