I was really stuck about what to write a blog post about this week and in starting to write that sentence the subject for my post came to me. My head has been completely focused on editing my book and putting into action all the feedback and learning I took from the Winchester Writer’s Festival (which I attended just over a week ago) that I hadn’t thought about my blog.

The festival was really inspiring, especially hearing from published authors including Meg Rosoff and Sue Wallman. It was informative, particularly my one day Polished to Perfection course by Adrienne Dines. It was also incredibly encouraging. I had a one to one meetings with two agents both of whom were very positive about my book and both of whom (one with some work beforehand) were keen to read more. I also had a brilliant one to one with an experienced lecturer in writing who gave me a lot of really useful and encouraging feedback.

The key things that I came away from the festival knowing were: writing is what I really want to do; I’m surprisingly alright at it; I’ve got a lot more work to do and if you’re a writer who aspires to be published then in my opinion the experience was worth every penny. Go to a writers’ festival.

My red pen and my brain have been working hard since the festival and they will continue to do so until I’m happy that my book is indeed polished to perfection.