I’m writing this blog post on my phone, with one hand because I have a sleeping baby lying across me with his head in the crook of my other arm. I say baby, he’s 11 moths old and on the cusp of walking. It’s been a long time since he has fallen asleep on me. Some might move him to his cot but I’m going to make the most of it. It might not happen again!

Anyway, I have written the synopsis for my first book. It was not easy, in fact, in some ways I found it harder than writing the book, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, my synopsis needed to be one page long for the agents I am going to send it to. It took me four rewrites and a bit more editing to get it on one page.

Secondly, I found it hard to get the tone right. I kept wanting to write it more as a teaser and had to keep reigning myself in to make sure I actually outlined the whole story, rather than just alluding to things.

I got there in the end and after three failed starts at it I decided to record myself talking through the basic premise of the book. My husband gave me the idea, he’s quite clever! I knew I needed to aim for around the 600 word mark and so I looked up roughly how long it takes to make a speech this long. I found out that on average people say about 150 words per minute, so I needed to aim for four minutes. I went over and recorded five minutes worth but I went with it. Once I recorded myself I transcribed what I had said. It needed a bit of tidying up and I did need to trim it down a bit but by a lot less than my previous attempts.

I asked a fellow tweeter and aspiring author to read it. She has also read my novel and has had experience of sending her work to agents and she gave me some very positive feedback on it.

I feel like it’s ready to send now. I just need to do the second edit of my novel to get my manuscript in the best shape possible¬†and then I’ll be good to go!