It has been nearly three years since I wrote a blog post! I’m not sure where that time has gone and a lot has certainly happened. I now have a second little boy, I have moved house, I still have health issues to deal with but I’m happy and writing again and I’ve just finished my first novel.

I have dabbled in writing for years. I wrote enough songs to fill an album. At the same time I started to write a novel but my story idea wasn’t strong so I stopped. Then I wrote a book of poetry which , reading it now, I realise wasn’t that special and then I tried my hand at writing for children and I even sent some of those books off to publishers. Some of them were kind enough to take the time to respond to me but all the responses were a variation of “Thanks but no thanks”. Then four months ago I was sitting in the passenger seat of my car, while my husband filled it with petrol, I gazed up at a block of retirement flats that overlooked the forecourt and an idea came to me. An idea that had legs. An idea that quickly formed in my head. I could visualise the characters, I knew how they interlinked and I knew what the ending would be. I was excited by the idea and I started to write. I wrote nearly every evening and every time the baby napped until the first draft was finished. I had written a novel called From The Window. It took me three months. Then I printed it out and read it through, scribbling notes over my manuscript in red pen as I went. Once I had finished reading and scribbling I went back to my laptop and looked at my notes and gradually went through and made all the changes I wanted to. My first edit was done, less than four months after the idea came to me.

During this time I had been reading the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2016 and so I knew that at this point I just needed to leave the book for a bit and not look at it for a while. I decided I would like someone else’s opinion on it, someone who wasn’t too close to me but someone I could trust to be kind but honest. I knew of two ladies through Twitter who also write and love to read and they are currently my Beta-readers. They have both given me some lovely feedback so far, which is very exciting and reassuring and I’m looking forward to what they say once they are done.

My next job is to write the synopsis. I have started it and I’m finding it harder than writing the book but I will persevere and let you know how it went when I am done!