For those of you who read my post on my New Year’s Resolutions, you will know that one of my resolutions was to pile on the pounds, both in the monetary and weight senses of the word. In regards to the money, our business is doing well but we have also decided to take the step to move into our own town centre office recently, which meant spending a bit more money for a couple of months to do this. While this was happening we made sure we were being sensible and not splashing the cash too much, so as well as striving to make more money, I decided we should try and save more too.

It was the first day in the new office when I popped over to our local Aldi to buy the essential office items such as tea, coffee, milk and biscuits, that I realised the weekly shop was where I could make a massive saving. Until that day I hadn’t been in an Aldi for years. My husband tried shopping there for a while when he was a student but after a few months of living off tinned ravioli, Titan bars and Sprinters crisps, he decided he needed a slightly more varied diet. Since then Aldi has changed a lot. While picking up those few essentials I noticed that they had a really good range of fresh fruit and veg, proper italian cooking ingredients (not just pre-made sauce in jars) and most of the things I buy regularly for the little man. I made the decision to try doing the weekly shop at Aldi the next week.

I did the shop and was very happy with the price. It was considerably cheaper than my usual weekly shop but not so cheap that I was worried that I was compromising on the quality of the products I was purchasing. In fact I think some of their products are better. Their nice sausages have a higher pork content than the equivalent ones I used to buy in another leading supermarket. Their fruit and veg in my opinion is much fresher than that sold in the other, upper-market, supermarket that is in my town and the nappies are much cheaper than the brand I used to buy and haven’t leaked once, which is much more than I can say for what was our preferred brand. It’s clear that the reason the products can be sold cheaply is because the shop is smaller than most other supermarkets, staff aren’t paid to spend time organising the shelves but it is still easy enough to find things and there are fewer staff on the tills because they are so quick! This does mean you have to bag up your shopping at your car or on the window sill in the shop after you have paid but I’m more than happy to do that for the savings I have made. The shop was also pretty much empty on a mid-week evening, so it was also probably the quickest weekly shop I had done for a while too!

I have added up five weeks worth of shopping when I was using Sainsburys or Tesco for my main weekly shop and getting some extra bits from Waitrose and the total came to £520.31. £100.15 of this was at Waitrose buying little extra treats or to top up on fresh items between big shops. I have also added up five weeks worth of shopping when using Aldi and Superdrug (there are some things I can’t get from Aldi, such as my little boy’s snacks and toiletries) and I’m still getting some extra treats from Waitrose and the total came to £309.46 and only £50.33 of that was spent at Waitrose, Aldi is good for those nice little extras too! That’s an overall saving of £160.52 in just 5 weeks! Based on saving this much every five weeks, over a year I will save over £1,600 – thats crazy. Now all I can think is why didn’t I do this years ago?! That’s a nice holiday paid for or if I saved that much every year until my son is 18 there will be nearly £30,000 sitting in a bank account for him. That would help him out a lot!

How much money could you save? It’s worth thinking about.