As you will know if you have read my previous blog posts, especially Becoming a Mum, I wasn’t particularly happy a year ago. This is when we made the decision to move back to the town that my husband and I grew up in. A year on and things are very different. I now realise that we couldn’t live anywhere better. Not only do we have the fantastic support of friends and family close by (and also being able to support them too) but we also live in the perfect geographical location to raise a child in my opinion.

We live 10 minutes walk away from a well respected pre-school and excellent Primary School. We live 30 seconds walk away from a very good secondary school, well, it produced me so it must be good. I sometimes wish we didn’t live quite so close, especially at 8.30am and 3.30pm when I curse myself for trying to drive anywhere, but that’s a small price to pay. We live 20 minutes walk from a beautiful market town, complete with Abbey, leisure centre, the best olive stall at the Saturday market and so many pubs it is famous for them (the little man will appreciate these when he’s older I’m sure). This town has also recently become home to our business, after getting an office there at the start of the month. Exciting times!

It’s not just our immediate surroundings that make where we live brilliant for children but, perhaps even more so, what is in easy reach. We live in quite rural surroundings, but also very close to some major cities. I hope this will mean that the little man will grow up with an appreciation for different ways of living and an awareness of different cultures.

We live close to a theme park, a zoo and a number of farms, wildlife parks and soft play places. Too close probably, I think he may end up being a bit spoilt when it comes to trips out. He’s 17 months old and this weekend we are going to the zoo for the second time in about a month. He could get a strange perspective of what animals it’s usual to see on a regular basis in this country. Like my friend’s little boy, who at the age of two, saw a field of animals in the distance and exclaimed “Look Mummy, camels!”. His Mum’s response, “No, I think they’re horses”, “No Mummy, they’re camels”. In case anyone is in doubt, they were horses.

We also live close enough to the sea to pop to the beach for an hour and London is also easily accessible. We haven’t made the trip to the capital with the little man yet, but I hope to this year. As one of my friends said recently, she doesn’t want London to be a big scary place to her children, she wants it to be fun and exciting. I feel the same. I love London and want the little man to join in the traditions that hubby and I had before he came along of going there towards the end of November to see the city in all it’s festive glory but before it gets too hectic with Christmas shoppers!

I’m sure there are other things that are equally brilliant about where I live that have become so much part of my day to day life that I take them for granted and haven’t thought to mention them here, like the park at the end of the road, the park in town with the ducks, the beautiful walk by the mill… The list goes on and on, which I think goes to show we definitely made the right move.