I have been tagged in fellow blogger Sarah’s blog, Diary of a Fluffy Bum, to do the following:

1. Post these rules.
2. Tell you all 12 fun facts about myself.
3. Answer the 12 questions Sarah set me and then set 12 for those I tag.
4. Tag 12 other bloggers and link to them on my blog.
5. Let them know I tagged them.

Now, the 12 fun facts. I’m going to cheat a bit here, for fear of boring all my readers. Those of you who visit my blog regularly know that I wrote a post recently after receiving The Versatile Blogger Award and that post included a lot of facts about myself, so take a look at that post, if you haven’t already, to find out more about me.

Now to answer Sarah’s questions:

1. When did I last have a full nights sleep?

Four nights ago. My little boy is 17 months and still a bit sporadic at sleeping through the night.

2. How often do you and your partner get to go out on a date?

We have been out on one proper date since becoming parents. Take a look at my post First Date.

3. What is harder, going to work or staying home with my child?

Initially doing neither is hard. At the moment work is very exciting because our business has just moved to a new office and joined up with another local designer. I will talk about that more on the company blog in the future. I love the start of everyday with the little man now, especially as he loves his new duvet. By the end of each day both work and the little man have normally had their annoying moments. I know I haven’t really answered that question!

4. What are you doing for Easter?

I was actually talking to hubby about this yesterday. We are thinking of planning a fluffy yellow chick hunt for our son and nephew at our house (neither eats chocolate yet, we are strict/mean parents!). My Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law don’t know about this idea yet, but they might now.

5. Can you ride a bike?


6. What is your favourite tipple?

I very rarely drink but if I do I tend to go for a nice glass of White Zinfandel.

7. Do you play any sports?

Not anymore but I go to Zumba and Body Combat.

8. What is your most embarrassing moment?

I’m not sure I can pin point a specific one but I’m fairly clumsy and can come across as being a bit dippy at times, both of which tend to lead to embarrassment.

9. How clever are you?

Very, obviously! Ok, now my serious answer. I tend to be clever at things I’m interested in. I have a FdA and BA degree. I got a First for the research project for the FdA and for the dissertation for the BA because I got to decide on the topics and chose things I was interested in and passionate about. I got a 2:1 overall because if I can’t fully relate to something, which was the case for some other areas of the courses, I can’t grasp the understanding as well.

10. Name your favourite TV show.

At the moment it’s New Girl. I think it’s the best way to end a week, but the episodes aren’t long enough!

11. Any guilty pleasures?

Nope, I’m pretty open about what I like, even when it’s cheesy 90s pop music. “Reach for the stars, climb every mountain higher. Reach for…”. Now if you get that stuck in your head now, I accept no responsibility and just remember, “there ain’t no party like an S Club party”.

12. Favourite song?

Oooooh, I can’t pick just one. I’ll go for the first dance song from our wedding which was Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You.

Now, I’m going to break the rules. It was lovely of Sarah to include me in this but as it wasn’t long ago that I tagged lots of people in my Versatile Blogger post, I’m not going to tag anyone this time.

Before I finish tapping away at the keyboard, I just want to let you know that one of my up and coming blog posts will be a review of the new Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson film, We Bought a Zoo. The lovely people at Mumsnet are sending me and four other Mummy bloggers to a preview of the film in London next week and then we will all be reviewing it on our blogs. I’m very excited!

Also, I hope you like the new blog design and if you want to, you can now subscribe to my blog via email, don’t worry I won’t be offended if you don’t!