I know there will be lots of people blogging about this, but I thought what better way to make sure I stick to my resolutions. I don’t like to be seen to fail. If I didn’t tell anyone what I had resolved to do then it wouldn’t matter whether I did it or not, but now all of you will know, so I will stick with it. To ensure at least someone read my post, I asked my blogging friends on Twitter whether they’d like to join me in writing their own posts on New Year’s Resolutions. The lovely bloggers who took up the offer are listed below, with links to their blogs, so make sure you check out their posts too. You may even get some inspiration if you’re struggling to think of ideas for your own. Well, some of you might be that perfect!

So, here are my resolutions (yes, plural):

Number 1 – Banish the baby brain or should I say toddler brain (see previous post Baby Brain). Probably easier said than done, but I am determined to do it. I really need to reclaim my mind. It was some of the Christmas gifts that I was given that have instigated this resolution, like the family organiser and the stationery box for my office with compartments for note pads, paper clips, pens and pencils. I used to be the person who would naturally organise my life in that way and I want to get, even just a little bit of it, back. So in the spirit of keeping these targets SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound), the only way to ensure you will meet them and know you have met them, (I used to work for a local authority and I have a very dry sense of humour sometimes), I will not miss any lunch or coffee dates this year, I will do all home and work related filing weekly, I will do all home and work related accounting weekly and most importantly, I will always put the paper clips back in the right compartment!

Number 2: Pile on the pounds. Now this resolution is two-fold. I would still like to gain weight, at least another 3lb (see previous post Managing my Weight After Becoming a Mum). I know 3lb doesn’t sound like much, but I really want to hit my target and those 3 little pounds have eluded me for a while. I would also like to do some of the money making for the company, rather than just the invoicing. I have been doing a lot of copywriting for internal projects, but aim this year to get my first piece of client copywriting work.

Number 3: Relax. Perhaps an odd resolution, most people resolve to get off their backsides and exercise or take up a hobby or see more places, but not me. This is another Christmas present inspired resolution. My husband gave me a lovely bath pampering set and on the label he had written “because you need to relax”. He’s right. So I will make sure I have used the whole (large) tub of bubble bath that was in the set by the end of the year and I will watch at least one film a week. I think if I achieve this resolution I should achieve the lb piling on one as a direct consequence.

Now I’m off to read what the others wrote or will hopefully be writing this week. So please join me in checking out the following lovely people’s blogs:

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Oh and before I forget – Happy New Year!