My husband and I have never been one of those couples to have a date night. This was probably because up until we became parents we didn’t need to. We enjoy a lot of the same things like keeping fit, watching films, going for walks etc. so we would naturally spend a lot of quality time together, just the two of us.

Since becoming parents however, we don’t. We spend a lot of time together with our son, which is lovely, but obviously very different. We work together two days a week but that time has a very specific focus and we do sit on the same sofa in the evenings but that time is sometimes interrupted by our little monkey, or we are aware it might be and like now, at least one of us tends to be engrossed in a screen.

Between Christmas and New Year we went to the cinema for the first time since our 15 month old was born, just the two of us. Our first date in a long time. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous. The little man was with Nanna, which he is for one day every week, but I felt very disconnected from him because my phone was in and out of reception, but apart from that it was great. We saw the new Sherlock Holmes film – amazing! I would encourage anyone to go and see it. We ate hot dogs and nachos and drank too much Pepsi and it was nice. My husband and I have agreed that we need to do it more, so hopefully it will be our first date of many.

I don’t think I have really appreciated enough the need to and importance of making time for your partner, but now I do and would recommend that any other couples, who think they spend a lot of time together but realise it’s rarely alone, give it a go. Perhaps go and see the new Sherlock Holmes and let me know what you think.