There have been so many times recently when I have felt incredibly proud of my little boy and I was thinking of ways to write about these moments on my blog to express my feelings. All of my thoughts kept turning into lines of poetry. As you may or may not be aware, I have written poetry for the last few years, just for myself, in my spare time. Recently I published some of my poems from the last couple of years in an eBook. The book is entitled A Poem for Me, with the tag line “poems written for myself, now to be shared with others”. It’s available on Smashwords and iTunes and many other places I think but they are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

Anyway, it wasn’t my intention to make this a book promo, here is my poem about my very cute little monkey called Proud of My Little Man.

We take you pretty much anywhere and you don’t complain,
From whining and moaning you refrain.

You sit through the ceremony and photos of the wedding,
With only the tiniest amount of chattering and wriggling.

You don’t complain that you have to take medicine every day,
But when you see the bottle you sign to shake it and open your mouth in such a cute way.

When playing with your toys you hold them out to share,
And give the furniture a wave when I say “it’s your highchair”.

When the weather gets gloomy and the rain comes down,
You hear the pitter patter on the windows and start signing at the sound.

You read your animal books to yourself making the sounds as you go,
And when you see the elephant, up goes your arm and your trumpet you blow.

If we’ve left it open we hear you coo the word “door”,
And you shout the word “gate” and to push it closed you scuttle across the floor.

We sing you songs when you’re down,
And when you applaud at the end it certainly lifts my frown.

You’re by no means perfect especially when it comes to sleep,
But those times are forgotten when you “baa” at your toy sheep.

I love spending my time with you everyday,
And when I do leave you I miss you as soon as I’ve walked away.

You are such a gorgeous boy and in your short life so far have made me very proud,
And I just wanted to take the opportunity to shout that out loud.