I can’t believe how excited I am about Christmas this year. Since the start of November I have been listening to Christmas songs, planning shopping days and wanting to put the decorations up. Normally I am a “no decorations until two weeks before Christmas” type person, but this year they were up the first weekend of December and we went and bought outside lights for the tree in the front garden. We’ll ignore the fact that they are solar powered and only stay on for about half an hour!

I think there are two main contributing factors to my injection of Christmas spirit this year. The first is that my little boy is at an age where he is interested in Christmas. He doesn’t know what it is or why we celebrate it, but he knows there are trees with pretty things on that he can pull off, he likes the lights on people’s houses and I’m sure he will be excited by the presents. He has seen a string of birthdays, including his own, over the last couple of months and has definitely got the concept that wrapping paper is fun to tear and underneath are normally toys. I know he is getting a lot of presents that he will love and so I’m excited to see his face as he opens each one, more excited than I am about my own gifts. With being a Mum comes lots of parties to go to as well, which I’m really looking forward to, especially as I am going to be cruel and make the little fella wear a Santa outfit, which will look so cute (I know he won’t keep the hat on!).

The second contributing factor is that I feel like Christmas washed over me a bit last year. My little boy was less than three months old and I wasn’t coping well (see one of my previous postsย Becoming a Mum) and coupled with that, my husband got the Norovirus on Boxing day. It could have been a better Christmas, although obviously it will always hold a special place in my memory because it was my son’s first. One fantastic memory I have is when we unwrapped a Lamaze Olly the Octopus that we had bought him. He took one look at it and his face lit up with the most beautiful smile. We used that Octopus to cheer him up whenever he cried for months after that. In fact, my husband even drew a sketch of it in his notebook that he took out and about with him so we could cheer our little one up wherever we were – it worked a treat!

A couple of days ago I was reflecting on how different I feel now compared to then and I wrote this (Christmas tree shaped) poem.

From One
Year to the Next.

Leading up to Christmas this time last year,
I couldn’t go a day without shedding a tear,
A tiny baby laying in my arms,
Wondering why I wasn’t sucuming to his charms.

Christmas day itself was good,
Hoping that from that day on things would be as they should,
Boxing days comes and my rock gets ill,
To get through the next few days takes a lot of will.

Over the next twelve months we make some big changes,
I started to enjoy watching my son develop in stages,
He gets more and more beautiful each day I’m in awe,
And when he gives me kisses and cuddles I just want more.

Now as Christmas approaches again I can’t contain my excitement,
He loves presents and when he sees twinkly lights he gets lost in the moment,
This is such a special and magical time of year,
And this time round I will be able to fully appreciate the Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas everyone and
Happy New Year