If you read my last post My Favourite Christmas Song you will know that @himupnorth who writes The Blog Up North, set me the challenge of writing a blog post about my favourite Christmas song, which I did. Then Michelle, a friend from school, commented in disbelief that I hadn’t mentioned The Spinners’ version of The 12 Days of Christmas and I laughed!

We were subjected to this record (and if I remember correctly, it was actually a record) every year at Primary School during our Christmas assembly. Thinking about it now, it is such a vivid memory, I don’t know how I didn’t mention it in my last post. The Head Teacher would bring it in and put it on the record player with such pleasure. He’d then select two pupils to come and stand at the front to demonstrate the actions (I used to dread and at the same time hope it would be me chosen, it never was) and then we would all have to sing along and perform the actions.

Our rendition would be that of any couple of hundred primary school children, shouted, with the lines about 6 geese and 5 gold rings delivered without pausing so that it sounded like they were magic geese that laid jewellery, not eggs. Whenever I hear that song now it takes me back to sitting on that cold, hard, dusty hall floor, too close to the people next to me and in-front and behind me and I have to demonstrate great self-restraint when in public not to do the actions.

So for old times sake, here are The Spinners with The 12 Days of Christmas and I want to see you all doing the actions!

The Spinners – The 12 Days of Christmas

It’s a bit long isn’t it?!