Baby Brain – genuine problem or just a term Mums and Mums-to-be use to get themselves out of getting places on time or getting things done around the house or at work? Answer – genuine problem!

I couldn’t believe it myself. I can’t remember when it was during my pregnancy (see!) but I definitely felt like my brain had reached capacity and it just wouldn’t function as it had done previously. The first thing to go for me was words. Not clever, rarely used, descriptive words or specific technical terms, just day to day words such as, um, well you know. I put this down to being tired. My body was working harder than ever before to keep two people alive. There was someone living inside me, meaning I wasn’t perhaps sleeping as well as before and I was also gradually carrying a heavier and heavier weight around my middle, meaning I was definitely working harder just to move. So tiredness was a genuine reason.

The next thing to go was my concentration. I would be sitting at a desk or standing in the middle of a room thinking, what was I doing? Why am I here? Or realise I was just sitting somewhere in an absolute haze of a daydream without actually day dreaming about anything. I put this down to being completely preoccupied with the situation I found myself in. I must eat healthily, I mustn’t exercise too much, I must exercise a bit – don’t want to put on anything but bump, etc. Then I’d be preoccupied with what would follow being pregnant. What if the birth doesn’t go smoothly? What if the baby has something wrong with it? What if I’m rubbish at changing nappies? What if it never sleeps? Oooh, what was I supposed to be doing?

I can fully understand the term Baby Brain, because your brain is full of all things baby.

Then when the baby is here it doesn’t stop. What time did I feed him? Is he hungry again? When did I last change him? Is the room too hot? Is the room too cold? Does he need a nap? Then just when you think you’re getting the hang of it, routines are perhaps falling into place or you’re getting used to there being no routine, then you need to start thinking about weaning. Is that pureed enough? Is it the right temperature? Does carrot and sweet potato come out of cream carpet? Oh and it doesn’t stop there…

He’s crawling! How many stair gates do we need? Should we get ones that fix to the wall? Shall we use a playpen? Can we get a fireguard wide enough?

He’s walking! He wants to walk outside. Do we need to get him shoes? Shall we get his feet measured? How much for cruising shoes?! They’ll only last him 8 weeks probably!!

Now he’s not a baby anymore, he’s a toddler. I still turn up late for, or worse completely forget, lunch with friends. I still register late to vote. I still leave the car unlocked and I still leave the lights on in the house all day when we go out.

Conclusion – I’ve got Toddler Brain.