Those four things pretty much sum up my last 48 hours, perhaps add to the list my thumb and a knife and you’re definitely there.

My little boy has a cold which has turned into a chest infection. I think like many parents I know, we always said we would never give him a dummy but when he was eight weeks old, to try and get some sleep ourselves and save our sanity, we did. Despite a couple of attempts at removing it, he still has a dummy to go to sleep at night, which on the whole is fine, until he has a blocked nose. Then, as you can imagine, the dummy is less of a comfort and more of a hindrance to performing a simple act of survival – breathing. This has lead to three (so far!) very disturbed nights for the little man and Mummy and Daddy. As I write I am sitting on a bench at the park, rocking the pushchair with one foot to keep my snuffly monkey asleep and to stay out of the house so that Daddy can catch up on some sleep too. I’m writing this not on my lovely iPhone 4, as I usually would out and about, but on my “old” iPod touch.

This brings us to the toilet incident. I always carry my phone around in one of the front pockets of my jeans but I had popped it in my back pocket to retrieve a tissue from my front pocket to wipe a runny little nose. Forgetting I had done this I went to go to the loo, started to pull down my jeans and felt my phone slip to its inevitable fate and splosh. I retrieved it quickly, dried it with toilet roll and took it to ny husband saying “it fell down the toilet!”. It has spent the last 48 hours in the airing cupboard and in a bag of rice under a lamp (both tried and tested aparently) but it appears to be dead.

As any social networker would, I posted my iPhone’s mishap on my Facebook status and didn’t get much sympathy because unfortunately less than a week before I had mocked two of my friends for doing similar things with their phones. In my defence, at least I dropped mine before I went to the loo (yep, ewwww!) and I wasn’t having a conversation with someone at the time and didn’t continue to shout into the toilet bowl to tell the person at the other end of the phone what had happened.

So, I’ve had a less than brilliant couple of days which was added to last night by deciding I should add part of my thumb to the onion I was cutting up for the vegetable lasagne – don’t worry I made sure all of my thumb was accounted for before dishing up. Oh well, at least I’m not the little girl in the park being shouted at by her Dad while trying to learn to ride her bike – think I’d better go before he wakes up the little fella.